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How to set the Delay before your mobile phone calls go to voicemail

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Does this happen to you?  The phone rings, you look for it, find it, and by the time you swipe to answer... the call has dropped through to your voicemail.

That delay is set on your network provider's system.  And you can change it:



View of App: Voicemail Delay


You must send a long code of stars, hashes and numbers to re-program the provider's system.  It's awkward to say the least.


I got tired of looking up the GSM USSD MMI codes each time I had a new network provider so I created an App to do it for me.


I have now put that App in the Google Play store.  It's Free of charge and Free of adverts.


Help yourself.  Download it to your phone and set the voicemail delay you want.


Google Play Store Privacy Policy

The Voicemail Delay app requests permission to read your phone's stored viocemail number and use it to transmit the GSM codes.  No data is collected or transmitted to the developer nor any party other than as described to signal your voicemail provider.