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Office Computing

Office computers.  Frustrating???


Few businesses can trade without needing a computer.  It's easy to buy one but a lot harder getting it to perform all the tasks required on a reliable basis.  Computers are used for so many things...

  • The Internet Man can sort out your office computersemailing
  • spreadsheets
  • invoices
  • letters
  • reports
  • databases
  • accounts
  • printing
  • photographs
  • banking
  • and so on, and so on


Do you know how to set these things up, configure the software, get the right hardware, network PCs together, choose the right systems, create safe backups, use the right techniques, connect to your smartphone, get emails away from the office, work remotely from home, create a mailing list, do video conferencing, share documents with colleagues... transfer everything to the new PC ???

And can you fix things when they go wrong?

Whatever your issue, The Internet Man knows how.