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The Internet Man
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The Internet Man charges sensible fees so that customers are happy with the situation and don't feel they need to look elsewhere to save money.

The rate for chargeable work is £35 per hour capped at £200 for a full day.  This compares with a UK average close to £300 per day.  (source:

Some services carry a fixed charge based on costs incurred by The Internet Man plus known time involved.

The Internet man won't fleece you.Custom Websites

Initial consultation is free, thereafter work is chargeable at the standard rates.  A simple site of a few pages will likely cost less than £500.  In any case a quote is given before work commences.

Self-Maintained websites

Initial setup is free, so it is only hosting and domain name charges (below).


Whether custom or self-maintained, your site needs to be on a web server 24/7.  The rate is £120 per year which includes unrestricted email facilities as well as visit statistics etc.

Domain Names

Customers may, if they wish, buy their website's name elsewhere and let The Internet Man host it.  If The Internet Man looks after this aspect too it is £25 per year.

Office Computers

Telephone advice is free.  If The Internet Man visits to get things done it is charged at the standard rates.

Virus Removal

As per Office Computers but, if the affected machine is a laptop The Internet Man can take away and deal with in spare moments, a fixed fee of £65 is charged to return it virus free.

Remote Support

For existing customers paying for other services this is usually free if it only takes a few minutes.  Otherwise standard hourly rates apply.