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Don't be tied to your desk

In these days of everything-connected Internet you can have things set up so you can work in the office, from home, through your iPad or Android tablet and even via your smartphone.

The trick is having some or all of your IT facilities held in the Internet "Cloud".  The level to which you do this depends on what you need to access when not at your normal office desk.

Level 1

Email.  By keeping all your email (incoming, sent, saved messages etc.) in the cloud you can access it from any device at any time wherever you can get an Internet connection.  This has already become a common scenario allowing people to "do" their email at work, at home, whilst travelling with a laptop and also via their mobile phone.

everything-connected via the Internet CloudLevel 2

Documents and other files.  By keeping these in the cloud you can refer to letters, reports and so forth from any of your Internet devices.  This has the dual advantage of being safer against accidental loss due to a PC breakdown since the Cloud providers take exceptional care to avoid data loss.  And your documents are, of course, encrypted in the Cloud to keep them from prying eyes.  This can be set up as a shared resource so that your colleagues in other locations can access the same work files whenever the need arises.

Level 3

Software as a Service.  Actually you don't even need to install common office programs on your PCs and laptops.  You can make use of Cloud versions, many of which are free, for word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations - even photo editing.  In fact this means you might create a presentation with your office PC and it'll be available for showing via your laptop at a customer site... and you didn't have to remember to copy it across.

Level 4

A full computer in the cloud.  It's now possible for you to rent a full-blown PC in the cloud; pre-installed with the latest Windows and Microsoft Office etc.  Now you are only using your usual PC, laptop, tablet or whatever as a viewer of that Cloud PC.  You can make do with cheaper, less powerful equipment since all the hard work is done by the Cloud PC.  Wherever you login from you get your PC with your settings and your specialist software you've installed.



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