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Virus Removal

You have already got an anti-virus program installed so why did it go wrong?The Internet Man removes computer viruses

It's not your fault.  Even the most vigilant of computer users will suffer occasionally.

The annoying people who devise these nasties keep inventing new ways to subvert your computer.  Your anti-virus program gets updates after new nasties are discovered and cures created.  A lot of unfortunate people will get caught in the meantime.

And in any case the most common kind of computer nasties are not viruses at all, so your program will never catch them.  Nasties of this sort are generally called malware... software that purports to be useful but in fact carries unpleasant side effects.  Effects such as forcing your system to visit the wrong websites or relaying what you type when you do online banking.  Horrid!


If your PC seems to have an infection get advice immediately.  Especially if you use it for financial dealings.

The Internet Man will do what it takes to rescue your data and clean up the infection.


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